How can I update someone's Class Types?

Go to your Staff page, click on the name of the Staff to go into their details.  Click on the Class Types submenu. Scroll to the bottom where you can view individual class types.  From here any Class that is currently enabled are what types are currently set to that Staff. You can enable more types by clicking on the applicable Class Type.  Just keep in mind anything you enable for that Staff will now make them available to receive an invitation from any other Staff looking to request a substitute for that Class Type.  Class Types are assigned to each Staff based upon what Class Types that Staff has taught on the Mindbody Online schedule for in the past 90 days and in the next 90 days when you created your Subsync account.  If you have created Class Type Groups you can use those groups to assign multiple Class Types to your individual staff all at once.

Edit individual Class types

Enable individual class type groups

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