How can I update all of my staff's Class Types at once?

We recommend updating all of your staff's class types on once.

From the sidebar menu click on:

  • Operations
  • Then select 'Class Types' from the drop-down list:


Next, select a Class Type you wish to edit. You will now see a list of 'Assigned Staff' and 'Unassigned Staff'. Click on a staff member's name from 'Unassigned Staff' column and they will be moved to the 'Assigned Staff' column.


You will see your staff are divided into two groups.  Assigned to that Class Type or Unassigned to that Class Type.


Click on staff bar from the Unassigned side and they will instantly be Assigned to that Class Type.

If you wish to Unassign a staff from the Assigned side, you can click on the bar for that staff and they will instantly be Unassigned.  This function will not work if that staff is currently scheduled for that Class Type.

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