My Account

  • How do I add another person to help me manage my Subsync account?

    On the left sidebar menu click on My Account and then My Team.  From the top right click on +Add Team Member. Once you have put in their basic information hit Send and that employee will receive an email to login to your account with their own login.  After you created their login you can edit th...
  • How do I delete a manager from my account?

    If you need to delete a manager from your account. Go to: My Account Managers Find the manager you wish to remove from your account Click on the trash bin icon to delete the manager
  • How do I edit my profile in My Account?

    You can easily update your manager profile in your Subsync account when you are logged in on a desktop. On the upper right corner click on your profile icon on the top right Click My Profile Edit your contact information and click Send Pin Then click to confirm
  • How do I pay my bill?

    Would you like to add your payment to Subsync’s new billing portal?  Great.  Please log in to your account and from the main menu click on My Account. Then click on Billing. Then click on Login From here you can enter your payment details from Manage Then click Add Then add the paymen...
  • How do I sync my account?

    If you just need to do a refresh in your account you can Sync data at any time. Go to: My Account Sync Data You can Sync any specific category at any time.  Once you click Sync on any category Subsync will run a quick sync and the Sync button will say 'Complete' when it's done.
  • I Cannot Access My Billing Page

    If you cannot access your billing page you will first need to set your Go Live Date in your Getting Started Settings.  From this page you can click on Set Go Live Date. Scroll to the bottom of the page to set your Go Live Date. Click a day on the calendar and click Set Go Live Date. Now ...
  • Is there an autopay option for billing?

    Yes of course, we know that as a business owner you wear many hats and juggle enough; our company motto is built around finding ways for studio owners to save time.  The last thing we want to do is trouble you with another email to open and invoice to pay. Our Autopay feature has you covered.  On...
  • Where can I see my billing details?

    You can see details about your account at any time if you are the Subsync Account Owner or if you are a team member and your permissions enable you to view billing items. Go to: Settings Billing Next, click on the invoices button to view any outstanding invoices for that location. Now, find th...