• Can I delete a Message if I made a mistake?

    Unfortunately you are not able to delete any Message after it is sent, nor are you able to edit the Message after it is sent.
  • Can I see if a Staff is receiving the Messages being sent out to everyone?

    Yes!  You can see a full history in every Message.  From your Message page click on the Title of the message that you would like to see the history on.  Message titles, body of the Message, who sent the Message, when the Message was sent. You can also see who received the message and whether or n...
  • How do I create a Message?

    Watch a video tutorial on how to create a Message in Subsync 
  • How do I send a Message to just one person?

    Go to your Messages menu, click on Create Message, select a Direct message.  Use the drop down menu or type in a name to search for the person.  This message will go directly to that staff member only and they will automatically receive a push notification on their mobile device and in the Subsyn...