Front Desk App

  • How Do I Book a Client Into A Class?

    You can book a client into a class by selecting the class you need to book them into, then click on Book New Client. Search for the client you need to book, select them and click OK on the Confirm Booking popup. The client is now successfully booked into the class.
  • How Do I Login to My Front Desk App?

    Open your Front Desk App and you will be able to enter your Login PIN. *If you do not know your login PIN, you can reach out to your studio manager, or you can verify your PIN on your Subsync App Profile menu.
  • How Do I Log Out of the Front Desk App?

    Click on the bottom left of your tablet on Menu.  This will open up your main Menu. Now you can click on Logout from the sidebar Menu.
  • How Do I Search For A Client in the Front Desk App?

    From the bottom menu click on Client Search. In the search bar you can enter the Client's First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email or their Client ID. After you find the client your are searching for click the bar with their name on it You will now have access to their profile