What types of Task Checklists are there?

You have two options to create a Task Checklist:

Create a Task Checklist for your staff that is assigned to a Class Type and that Task Checklist will be assigned to that Class Type each time the class is scheduled in Mindbody your staff will automatically receive a notification 30 minutes prior to their class time to complete a Task Checklist. This Task Checklist will close 2 hours after the class time has commenced.  Your staff can receive pre class items and/or post class items for this style of Task Checklist.

Or you can create a Task Checklist that is assigned to a day and any particular staff or groupings of staff to complete, that is visible to check off at any time during that day of the week.  This can be assigned to individual days of the week or all days of the week. This can also be assigned to all your locations or just one location.

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